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Hungary is one of the most attractive destinations for hunters due to its particularly rich stock of game. Wild boar, red deer, fallow deer, roe and mouflon can all be found and hunted here. Also quite prevalent the pheasant, the mallard, the European hare, the bean goose, the greater white-fronted goose, the grey partridge, the Eurasian teal and the Eurasian woodcock.

The deer can be found throughout the country and the wild boar is one of the most popular targets of hunters as it can be found almost everywhere in Hungary. The pheasant hunt has a rich tradition here as well.

Hunting is not toughtless act of killing. Knowing the hunting seasons is particularly important. Note however that even during season you can not shoot just any animal. A professional attendant takes care that only those animals that are from stock in abundant numbers can be hunted. The compulsory exam for hunters serves the protection of the animals as well.

Hunting lodges are good places to get informations about local conditions and game.