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Prime Travel Agency Hungary
ADDRESS 1118 Budapest,Regős u. 8.
PHONE  +36 (30) 346 3344


+36 (30) 269 5336


General information

Useful informations about Hungary (Budapest)


How is it in Hungary? 

  • GMT + 1 hour 
  • 220 volts – Standard Continental type plugs 

Take care! 

  • Not allowed to smoke in closed areas – restaurants, bus- metro stations, any kind of rooms, shops etc. thourgh all of Hungary. 
  • Our Hungarian currency is HUF, Hungarian Forint. Mainly you need to pay with Hungarian Forint in the shops and restaurants, but of course many of the places you can use your credit cards. 
  • It’s better if you are going to change your money not at the Airport, but in the city – there are many exchange offices. 


  • In general, winters in Hungary are cold, cloudy and damp or windy, and summers are warm - sometimes very hot. July and August are the hottest months (average temperature 26°C) and January the coldest (-4°C). The number of hours of sunshine averages between 1900 and 2500 a year - among the highest in Europe. The average annual precipitation is about 650mm.